Jane Hauf

I am a Product Manager who enjoys building products that solve real world problems.

I’m a Product Manager with the innovative mindset of an entrepreneur and the technical savvy of an engineer. Upon graduating from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley with a degree in Business Administration, I worked in Marketing Analytics at Nielsen. Then I studied Full Stack Engineering at App Academy to hone my technical skillset and I was a Software Engineer at a startup in Santa Monica where I built beautiful and responsive web apps using front end technologies such as React, JavaScript, Polymer, HTML/CSS. I am currently a Product Manager at FreeWheel, a Comcast NBCUniversal company, in New York. There I manage the core forecasting algorithm and a cross-functional team, including 30 engineers in Beijing. You can find a sample of my projects below.

foodiegogo (Rails, React, Redux)

A single-page crowdfunding web application inspired by Indiegogo.

I delivered real time search results by binding AJAX requests to a jQuery event listener I optimized runtime speed through filtering by campaign categories on the React frontend. I utilized ActiveRecord Relations and RESTful JSON APIs to minimize database queries and I promoted scalability by storing user generated uploads to cloud with Cloudinary API

** Nominated by peers for Best Seed Data Award **

FitPop (React Native, JavaScript, Xcode)

A iOS music app that delivers audio workouts synced with music

I built this custom audio player with controls by linking multiple third-party libraries with Xcode. I achieved the smooth transitions using NavigatorIOS component and stored the data on the front end in ListViewDataSource.

Igloo Garage Sale (JavaScript, jQuery, Canvas)

A classic single-player Neopets inspired game with falling objects and limitless levels.

I leveraged JavaScript's setInterval function to add level-up alerts, animation and sound effects. I utilized jQuery library to transition between Canvas layers and CSS to optimize UX/UI.


I am proficient in the following technologies:

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